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Work Starts On QuickDownloader v5.0

Work has started on the long awaited QuickDownloader v5.0. This version is not due to be released until sometime in Febuary

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2004-01-19

QDownloader a download manager that uses browsers JRE

QDownloader a download manager that uses browsers JRE, which means a seperate JRE isnt needed

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-10-01

QuickDownloader v4.3 and higher provides patch support

QuickDownloader v4.3 and higher provides patch support

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-08-29

Coming Soon QuickDownloader that uses your browser JRE

Nearly all browsers come with a Runtime Enviroment that allows Java programs to run. This means users dont need to download a seperate one. QDownloader will use the browsers JRE to run. The following browsers are supported
Netscape, Mozilla, Internet Explorer among others.

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-07-29

Command Line Support

The next version of Quickdownloader will support resume and download through command lines

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-07-26

Out Now QuickDownloader v4.0

It's taken some time but QuickDownloader v4.0 is out now. One of it's major features is the faster Resume support

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-07-19


Recently i have had a response from a user that they had problems installing QD, an error with some classes being missing. I have found this to be a problem with the actual installer i use rather then the application. Could users please let me know if they have also being having any problems. If not could you also drop a simple message saying "no probs" etc.

I have tested this myself and have found no problems. Your feedback would be much appreciated... read more

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-06-26

Pure Windows version of QuickDownloader

A pure version of QuickDownloader v3.2 is a pure Windows based application. It doesnt need a java runtime enviroment. Thanks to some C code it can now run in Windows stand alone

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-06-22

JRE Included with Installers

For those that don't have an Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE) The installer now comes with one which means no other thrird party software is needed to install QuickDownloader

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-06-20

No Need for JRE in future releases of QuickDownloader

Currently users require a Java Runtime Enviroment inorder to run QuickDownloader. In future QuickDownloader, with some c code, will run standalone and wont require 3rd party software.

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-06-18

QuickDownloader v3.0 Released

QuickDownloader v3.0 has now been released with it's source code. Users can compile the source code to run QuickDownloader on their machine. Windows users can use the exe

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-06-11

QuickDownloader v3.0

Out soon is QuickDownloader v3.0 It provides better support for Linux based machines. Check my web site for more information http://www.geocities.com/quickdownloader/.
Some of the features include
Buffer Resizing for faster download speed, Archiving Of Downloads, Changing Of Skins etc.

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-06-09

Linux and other Flavours issue

I have recently found that people have been having some problems with installing QD on Linux based machines. I have sorted this problem and fixed it in Version 3 which is out soon

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-06-09

Firewall Issue Resolved

The Firewall Issue has been resolved. Don't leave spaces when filling in the details for your firewall

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-06-04

FATAL BUG- Firewall issue

Users that use a proxy firewall should be aware that a bug has been found in which the application cant download behind it. Currently being looked at.

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-06-03

QuickDownloader Released for a number of OS

QuickDownloader has been released for a number of OS. You can download QuickDownloader which supports the following OS

Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-06-02

Verision 1 of QuickDownloader due soon

The first release of QuickDownloader is due out in a few days. Their will be 3 releases for the different os.


Posted by Asif Akhtar 2003-06-02