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Quantum Computer Simulator / News: Recent posts

SVN Update

I updated some files in the SVN, the version there now supports controlled 90°,45° gates, those are needed for an implementation of shor algorithm for 7 qubits. There's a paper from IBM(?) who did this with NMR which includes the needed circuit layout, google it ;)

Posted by DrGonzo 2008-08-17

Version 1.2

Updates: Included Multicore Support (2 Threads)
Removed Perl Scripting for now, because of linker Problems.
Switched to 64bit.
Supporting up to 16 QuBits now (but will take ages to compute ;) - for that we have a nice progress bar now)

Posted by DrGonzo 2008-06-15


After a long time there are a few updates:
Switched from X86 to X64 Architecture, removed script support for now (Problems with the linker, no time for solving that now). Memory requirement reduced for a trade-off on speed, theoretically you can have much more qubits now (not implemented yet), but the evaluation will take long.

Soon to come: Multicore support.

So far the new stuff is only available via SVN.

Posted by DrGonzo 2008-05-23


I moved our SVN repository here, as we'll add further functionality in the future don't always expect to get a running copy from it when we're in the process of upgrading features, if you want to be on the safe side of buildable code look into the download sections ;)

Posted by DrGonzo 2007-05-11