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DGV Full Version 1.0 under construction

The full version 1.0 of DGV is under construction. It will feature new class restructure, plugin support, a Python scripting console and polygonal models.

More details and release dates when its more complete.


Posted by Shakes 2011-03-20

DGV Major Release (0.30)

A new version of DGV has been released. This version features multi-threading of transforms, tabbed workspaces and better FRT transforms. DGV now uses FRTW for the FRT. A critical update has been made to the bounds of images also, this broke the FRT and made data one less row and columns in 0.20.

If you are using 0.20, I suggest upgrading. Patch installers will be provided soon. Also, the website API will be updated soon. Any feedback will be appreciated.... read more

Posted by Shakes 2010-09-07

DGV 0.20 Released, with Windows Installers

A new version of the Lightweight Scientific Visualisation software has been released. This major update adds comprehensive support for image stacks, VTK Legacy format, volume/image clipping and deployed via Windows Installers.

Windows version of the application has been migrated to Qt 4.6.3, VTK 5.6.0 and Windows SDK 7.1. Ubuntu binaries are on the way. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Posted by Shakes 2010-07-29

DGV 0.15 Released. Now with Ubuntu Packages!

A new version of the light-weight scientific visualization application and library has been released. Main changes include Targa (TGA) image support and 1D Plot enhancements. Contrib area of the library has been created for custom additions to DGV. Additions to DGV are now welcome, just get you contribution to compile in the contrib area/project.

This new release of DGV also sees Ubuntu Packaging. Binary packages are provided and just need to be installed by double clicking on them in Ubuntu Lucid (LTS). Dev packages are super set packages including binaries packages and required if using the DGV libraries.... read more

Posted by Shakes 2010-06-18

DGV Version 0.12 Minor Release

Latest version of DGV is available. Its is a minor release featuring some bug fixes and a small addition. To use the new release, download and unpack the Version 0.1 binaries and patch it to Version 0.12.

Better Linux Binaries are on the way. The API documentation has also been updated. Any feedback is welcome.


Posted by Shakes 2010-03-25

Google Groups and SVN Repository Update

A Google discussion group has been setup for DGV at <http://groups.google.com/group/discrete-geometry-viewer>
Feel free to get help/support or post feedback or feature requests.

The subversion repository is now also up to date and builds correctly. All updates up to next releases will be released via the repository.


Posted by Shakes 2009-12-30

Stable Release 0.1 Completed

Hi Everyone,

DGV Stable release process has been completed. Thanks for your patience. Websites have also been updated.

Linux x86 binary had an issue with missing library which has been updated (thanks to quick feedback). Linux binaries may only work on the latest distros. I will try to resolve this when I can.

Feedback is welcome. :) You can place comments on my blog
or on this project page.... read more

Posted by Shakes 2009-11-20

DGV Stable Version 0.1 Being Released

The first stable version of DGV is finally being released as I type. I have uploaded the sources and in the process of uploading binaries. Webpage and other updates coming soon.


Version 0.1


- Fixed Scaling Histogram range properly

- Fixed Blitz format not showing on recent list

- GNU Plot 2D not loading .dat file correctly if saved and loaded by table csv writer. This fixes CSV writer by omitting commas at end.... read more

Posted by Shakes 2009-11-18

DGV Tutorials

I have posted some DGV tutes on the Google Code Project page for DGV. Check it out at <http://code.google.com/p/discrete-geometry-viewer/wiki/Home>. The data files are available on both this site and on that site.

The Project page is <http://code.google.com/p/discrete-geometry-viewer/>


Posted by Shakes 2009-08-31

Developer Blog and DGV Info

Hi all,

Just to let u all know that my blog can be found at <http://l3mmings.blogspot.com/>. I have just put up info on what DGV is meant for and what it can currently do.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Posted by Shakes 2009-08-23

DGV 0.1 RC1 Released

The first release candidate of DGV 0.1 has been released. The main Improvements are are better File support and tweaking of table display.

Documentation/Getting Started has been delayed, but will be done soon, hopefully in the next release.


Version 0.1.1068 RC1
- Writing PS and PDF output of 1D plots.
- Added SVG writing for 1D plots.
- Fixed the Saving of DICOM images not working properly. Fixed via updating GDCM2.
- Fixed copyright notices
- Added native file to DGV. This is based on the stdio of Blitz ++ Arrays
- Improved tooltips
- Added resize to columns and rows actions for tables.
- Fixed interpolate toggle bug in image viewer

Posted by Shakes 2009-07-25

Doc Release This Month and Alternatives

There will be a Documentation release this month. Getting Started page and perhaps starting up the Wiki will be done shortly.

In the meantime, I wished to point out alternatives to DGV, although they may be more complicated. Try either MayaVI or Paraview. Both are Qt and VTK based, the former is pure Python based also.

The goal of DGV has been to allow the user to see their data quickly and efficiently without knowledge of VTK of programming languages, which have been the complication of most VTK based software. The other reason is so that Blitz++ arrays could be visualised easily.... read more

Posted by Shakes 2009-06-15

DGV 0.1.996 Released

New version of DGV is out. Here are some highlights:
Rev 996
- Used vtkImageMapToWindowLevelColors instead of vtkImageCast in saving images.
- Fixed saving of multi-level greyscale image data
- Fixed FFT action for tables
- Improved TableVTK API with generateTable member
- Fixed initial window leveling not being correct
- Improved Diophantine and Lattice classes
- Improved Diophantine file format... read more

Posted by Shakes 2009-05-07

DGV 0.1.955 Released

New version of DGV is out. Here are some highlights:
Rev 955:
- Fixed ignore comments bug in DGVFile.
- Fixed 10th Recent file shortcut bug.
- Added improved and simplified DRT class.
- Improved tooltips.
- Added timer display to Transforms
- Added Fast FRT Transformation
- Added Radon Slices to RadonTransform class and Transform.
- Added full 1D FFT on table values.
- Fixed Complex Table issue. Shortcut leads to non complex form. Context menu works correctly.
- Fixed normalisation of 1D FFT table values
- Fixed timer memory leak
- Added Noise class
- Fixed histogram
- Added complex data 3D volumes for image and volume class
- Added icon resource and updated app icon
- Fixed SxS issue with Vista x64, now doesnt need VC Redist x64 to be installed in order to run ... read more

Posted by Shakes 2009-03-30

DGV 0.1.900 Released

New version of DGV is out. Here are some highlights:
Rev 900:
- Added post script (PS) writer for images.
- Added GNUPlot 2D File I/O for 1D Plots.
- Fixed Slices not passed as data properly to surface plots and transforms. Tables and transforms on slices now work correctly.
- Added Histogram for images.
- Added VTK XY Plot class.
- Extended File class.
- Improved API Documentation.
- Tweaked DGV application
- Other minor fixes.... read more

Posted by Shakes 2009-02-20

DGV 0.1.865 Released and Website Updated

New version of DGV is out. Here are some highlights:
Rev 865:
- Tweaked UI and context menus.
- Updated About Dialog.
- Fixed Minor FFT Shift one-to-one bug.
- Fixed shortcuts.
- Added file opening via arguments.
- Added multi-file opening via Open... action.
- Migrated to GDCM2.
- Fixed VC Redist issue.
- Added Splash screen.
- Built using latest stable Qt, VTK, GDCM and FFTW libs.
- Fixed some API documentation.... read more

Posted by Shakes 2009-01-20

DGV 0.1.829 Released and Webpage Updated

The latest release of DGV has been made. This version has the same features as the previous but with all the libraries now fully dynamic/shared libraries. The webpage has also been updated with the DGV API.

Binaries have been updated also. Grab it through the download page.


Posted by Shakes 2008-12-05

Discrete Geometry 3D Viewer 0.1-Beta Released

All binaries can be found in the download section. Supported OS's include both 32 and 64 bit versions of Vista and Linux. 32-bit XP version is also provided.

Let me know if you encounter issues.


Posted by Shakes 2008-12-03

SVN Repository Updated / More Binaries on the way

The SVN repository has been restructured to feature both Quantum Simulations and DG 3D Viewer. Changes will now be made on the repository.

Also more binaries are on the way with Vista x86 version next followed by Linux binaries. Let me know if there are any issues.


PS: The website is currently deprecated for DGV and will also be updated sometime next month.

Posted by Shakes 2008-12-02

Discrete Geometry 3D Viewer

Its been a while in development but its finally ready for release in beta form:

Discrete Geometry Viewer (DGV)

DGV is a full Graphical User Interface using OpenGL (via VTK) that allows the user to open and view:
- PNG, TIFF, PNM (PGM etc.), BMP and JPEG images
- DICOM images
- VTK XML Image (VTI) format
- Comma Seperated Values (CSV) files

Then be able to do:
- Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs) of Complex and real data.
- View complex valued data
- See Raw Data of the files above through the use of tables
- Surface plots of the data or results of transforms
- Volume plots via VTI files
- Animation of volume slices using surface plots
- 1D FFTs of data in tables
- 1D Line plots of raw data
- Animations of 1D plots of raw data
- Images are viewed in a 3D scene allowing gamma control via the mouse.
- Volume and Surface plots are in full OpenGL 3D graphics.... read more

Posted by Shakes 2008-11-30

An alternative - XMDS

An alternative Numerical package is available called XMDS (http://www.xmds.org/). It supports many numerical methods and runs via an XML script interface. Currently only supports Linux. Highly recommended.

qC++ will continue to be supported with emphasis on visualisation.


Posted by Shakes 2007-09-24

Sub-Project QPythonShell is up...

A new project has been created designed to provide a python backend eventually to qC++. Check it out, a release has been made which is essentially a Python Shell made from Qt and Qscintilla.

Posted by Shakes 2007-04-23

More News on the Restructure...

The current development and restructure has been on hold for sometime now due to my PhD. on Discrete Projection Theory. But more amendments and support will be provided over the next few years to QC++. More emphasis will be put into providing numerical visualization and scripting (with the use of Python). Hopefully will have some releases in the coming several months.


Posted by Shakes 2007-04-18

Subversion Up for the New Code

The project is now under restructuring to accomodate the change in the end goal of the project. The project is now aimed at becoming a scientific package - The Scientific Construct sC++.

For the moment the package will include Quantum Mechanics and Discrete Geometry, with future aim to include Newtonian Mechanics. The design is being formulated at the moment. More detail soon.

To this end, SubVersion has been set up for the new design and code. Please note that current releases for qcplusplus will NOT be on the SubVersion for the moment.... read more

Posted by Shakes 2006-05-31

New Begining &amp; Source-0.46 Released

Source 0.46 has been released. This will be the last support for the toolkit as it is now.

A New Begining Approaches!

Work has started on Cosmology and Discrete Geometry. This will form the basis of the new qcplusplus. So see u then! :)

Posted by Shakes 2006-05-13