Dexxa not working... (surprise, surprise!)

  • Hi everybody!

    I'm quite sure you are not interested in my comment on your drivers, but since you explicitly expect beta-testers to comment...

    I recently bought some webcam. I told the sales person "A Logitech webcam. That's important for me!", since I knew you people have hacked an excellent driver for Logitech.

    Ok. When I got my cam, it was a Dexxa.

    Linux (kernel 2.4.10-ac11 with ext3 patched in) identifies it as:

    0x46d / 0x870

    and I tried several drivers:

    - Jonas dexxa-hack was working... until I plugged the cam in: page fault

    - the basic quickcam driver was working and not accepting the cam; syslog says:

    quickcam: HDCS1000-sensor ident:00
    quickcam: Photobit-sensor ident:00 00

    - the "patch" as offered on your site didn't change that

    - when I "patched" the code to accept every sensor (I tried both HDCS and PB) I got a page fault

    By the way: I am also a proud owner of some kind of webcam manufactured by Digitaldream (called L'Esprit) with a STV680 sensor. Needless to say, that none of the above drivers accepts the cam (after I "patched" them to give it a try).

    Okay, if somebody has some suggestions what I should try or wants some special details about the errors or would like to buy my Dexxa webcam, mail me at

    I hope some new drivers turns up in the next weeks before I spent all my money on new cheap, non-linux-compatible webcams... 8-)


    • check website this weekend for updated installation instructions
      and supply part number

    • Hi everybody!

      Peter sent me a message that 2.4.10 is broken which I can only confirm.

      After upgrading to 2.4.12 it's working fine!

      Keep up the good work!