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QBrowser for GlassFish JMS / WebLogic MQ / News: Recent posts

A start-up shell script for WebLogic added

QBrowser light
Thanks to Peter van Nes, a start-up shell script for WebLogic
has been added. (It's very useful!)

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2012-06-21

QBrowser released

Now you can launch multiple "Message Details" windows.
(Before, only one message details window can be launchd.)

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2012-06-09

QBrowser released

QBrowser light

Fix "create new-message panel" for WebLogic.
When select messege type in the new message panel,
selected message-type panel not displayed (still displays TextMessage input panel).

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2012-05-22

QBrowser released

QBrowser light

Fix duplicate separator problem.
Everytime right-clicked Topic object on the left pane,
The number of separator increases.
This problem has been fixed.

QBrowser light

Fix drag&drop function on the new message window (For WebLogic MQ).
When drag&droped from file, NPE ocurrers.
This problem has been fixed.
Also you can now select an appropriate character encoding when
drag and drop from file or read from file (For WebLogic MQ).
QBrowser for OpenMQ already has the encoding function.... read more

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2012-05-21

QBrowser for WebLogic MQ released.

Add run_wls_mq_11g_sample.bat which modified jar library name for 11g.
Eliminate a Japanese question mark character from
Skip jar optimization due to "program QBrowserV2ForWLMQ not found" error.

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2011-06-01

QBrowser lite

QBrowser light is a performance-improved version of the QBrowser.
It eliminates communication related codes to the MQ Broker as much as possible.
For instance, the QBrowser light is no more gathering information from the broker if perticular destinations are running or not.
Of course, no graphical running status of destination is displayed in the tree pane.
Instead of that, if MQ Brokers respond slowly, QBrowser should have better performance to display
TreePane, right click on it and so on.

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2010-11-23

QBrowser for GlassFish JMS released.

Optimized class libraries for runtime performance.
Reduce size of QBrowser-JAR, rename internal names to shorter one for smaller memory usage.

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2010-11-14

QBrowser version released.

QBrowser version (GPLv2) has been released. BugFix

NullPointerException when try to create a topic.
This problem has been fixed.

for the details, visit

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2010-04-13

QBrowser V2.5.1.5 has been released.

QBrowser version (GPLv2) has been released.

Summary of What's new in V2.5.1.5

1. Improve performance for Send/Forward/Save/Delete messages.

for the details, visit

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2010-04-01

QBrowser V2.5.1.4 has been released.

QBrowser version (GPLv2) has been released.

Summary of What's new in V2.5.1.4

1. Resizable tree pane.
Now the tree pane is resizable.

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2010-04-01

Tested with WebLogic Server 11g

I have tested with WebLogic Server 11g.

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2010-03-19

Tested with MQ4.5

I have tested the QBrowser with OpenMQ 4.5 (GlassFish JMS).
If you have any problem when using this tool with version 4.5, please let me know. (please mail to

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2010-02-17

QBrowser V2.5.1 has been released.

QBrowser version 2.5.1 (GPLv2) has been released.

Summary of What's new in V2.5.1

1. Tree view

Add tree view on the left side of gui.
Right click the tree node to open the various menu.
To Queue/Topic/LocalStore node, from the message panel on the right pane the messages can be dragged and dropped.

2. Copy and paste
Support copy and paste from queue/topic to any destination (Up to 2.5.0, only LocalStore messages can be copied.) ... read more

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2009-07-12

QBrowserV2 2.5.0 released.

1. Local Store (Virtual destination resides on the local file system)~
2. Save / Open Message archive file
3. StreamMessage/Message support
4. Other improvement including memory usage, buffering, processing.

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2009-07-03

QBrowserV2 2.4.0 released.

OpenMQ/WebLogic MQ JMS Message Admin Tool QBrowserV2 2.4.0 has been released.

In this release it implements new table interface for JMS headers/User properties. It also supports MapMessage (creation, display). Please see release notes for V2.4.0 for details.

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2009-06-12

QBrowserV2 2.3.1 released.

A new version of QBrowserV2(2.3.1) has been released.

This version includes following functionality. (eg)
1. Connect menu [New Connection], [Disconnect]
2. History data such as connection history, search history now persist on disk.
3. Other fixes.

Please find release notes 2.3.1.

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2009-05-25

QBrowserV2 for JDK1.5 released.

if you use QBrowserV2 with JDK 1.5, NoSuchMethod Exception occurs because JDialog doesn't have setImage method. With this release, this problem is fixed.

Posted by Naoki Takemura 2009-05-20