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qastrocam-g2 4.8 released !

See changelog for details...

Posted by BFC 2010-07-15

qastrocam-g2 4.7 released !

See changelog for details...

Posted by BFC 2010-02-19

AMD64 package

Qastrocam-g2 4.6 is now also available as an amd64 binary package. Thanks to Gérard L. !

Posted by BFC 2010-01-22

qastrocam-g2 4.6 released !

qastrocam-g2 4.6 released !

See changelog for more details.

Posted by BFC 2010-01-15

4.6 will be ready soon ;-)

4.6 will be ready soon ;-)

I can now directly open my avi outputs with registax, running on wine !

Posted by BFC 2010-01-14

qastrocam-g2 4.5 released !

qastrocam-g2 4.5 released !

Posted by BFC 2009-12-06

qastrocam-g2 4.4 released !

qastrocam-g2 4.4 released !

Posted by BFC 2009-10-26

vers. 4.3beta becomes rc1

vers. 4.3beta20090922 becomes 4.3rc1

Posted by BFC 2009-09-22

vers. 4.3 freezed

I won't had any new feature in the 4.3 . I try to fix bugs now, in order to produce a rc.

Posted by BFC 2009-09-16

Changing versions names

My version naming system was stupid.

4.2.2rc2 now becomes 4.2rc2

4.2.3beta now becomes 4.3beta

The new system follows this rules :



a : major changes
b : features added
c : bugs fixed

d :

- rc : release candidate
- beta<date> : daily build

Posted by BFC 2009-09-08

rc2 is official

File virtual telescope fully fixed and tested. rc2 is ready

Posted by BFC 2009-09-08

rc1 is now official

All known bugs are fixed, rc1 is official. Beta testers needed. Now working on 4.2.3

Posted by BFC 2009-09-05

File virtual telescope rewritten

Former file virtual telescope was really ugly. The newest one is much cleaner. Absolute/relative pixel shifts should still be checked.

Posted by BFC 2009-08-31

Now working on the rc1

Work on the 4.2.2rc1 started

Posted by BFC 2009-08-29

Last release files

Nothing new, just cleaned up the sources and changed the project name and package.

Posted by BFC 2009-08-27

Windows resizing tips

Using this app with my eeepc901 netbook, I use the nice ubuntu remix launchpad, but maximus always maximise my windows. To avoid the qastrocam windows resizing, use gconf-editor, and focus on maximus in apps. You will find an exclusion list. Just add the qastrocam main window name to the list.

Posted by BFC 2009-08-27

help needed

My version (source and deb packages) works well on my computer (eeepc901 for outdoor imaging, with an spc900nc SC1.5 serialmod and ubuntu 9.04), but what about yours ? Could someone please help me for beta tests ?

Posted by BFC 2009-08-27

vers. 4.2.2beta

- I wanted to analyse my mount with PEAS, so I added a new "virtual" telescope in the qastrocam tracking module, in order to produce IRIS like tracking files. Use "-t file" and "-dt <filename>, it while produce two files <$$$$x.dat> and <$$$$y.dat>, like IRIS.

Posted by BFC 2009-08-27

vers. 4.2.1beta

- You may choose the SCmod serial device with the -dx option

Posted by BFC 2009-08-27

vers. 4.2.0beta

- F. Sicard SCmod serial feature enabled
- some minor spelling corrections

Posted by BFC 2009-08-27

Project start point

The project starts form the original qastrocam 4.1pre20090718

Posted by BFC 2009-08-27