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QAL 0.4.0 is out!

So, development is moving forward nicely and will be thoroughly tested, and probably pick up the pace further later on as QAL is an important component of Optimal BPM

Anyway; this time, it it mostly with regards to datasets and merge functionality.

Important new features:
* Add support for importing data without specifying keys
* Automatically create non-existing destination tables.
* Add support for writing to new files.
* Add support for regular expression-transformation
* Add support for writing to .xls and .xlsx files using openpyxml and xlwt
* Add post-merge-sql; an SQL that is run in SQL backends after commit.
* Add support for substitution variables(::identity::, ::uuid::, ::username::, ::curr_datetime::)
* Columns/fields without a source reference is now allowed... read more

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The 0.3.5 version is now out!

The 0.8.4 version is now out and has some quite important fixes.


  • Fix connectivity to MS SQL server from Linux
  • Makes helpful import errors follow python version properly (and tests)
  • Add columns to select-all-skeleton to resolve field list bug(be nice to Optimal Sync)
  • Can now insert/delete key-field only datasets,
  • Add error on trying to update with only key
  • Add python3-postgresql 1.1.0 dependency (fixed 1.1.0 available in trusty, earlier version is broken)
  • Implicitly require Ubuntu Trusty or Debian Jessie ... read more
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QAL 0.3.4 released

QAL 0.3.4:
Fix handling of relative paths
Fix everything Windows, like paths, line-terminators and some other things
* Fix helpful error when modules are missing

Posted by Zig 2014-05-31

QAL API documentation!

The QAL API documentation is now online for your browsing pleasure!

Python3-Sphinx was used, a small article on that subject may develop over time as well.

Posted by Zig 2014-05-31

QAL 0.3.3

QAL 0.3.3
* Fix bad relative path handling for spreadsheets

Posted by Zig 2014-04-21

QAL 0.3.2 out, fixes key ordering bug

Keys could become unordered in earlier versions, 0.3.2 remaps keys properly.

Posted by Zig 2014-04-20

New version, now also a .deb package and .egg at PyPI

Lots of new features, Merging, Datasets(XML/XPATH/HTML, Flatfile, Spreadsheet), more SQL DDL and UPDATE, Nmap server discovery and so on.

Now also a .deb package. When pip just don't cut it. Windows and OS X packages will also come shortly.

Go check out the Optimal Sync application for a small dose of what QAL can do:

And its release news item:

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