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Q3C-1.4.8 released

The new version of Q3C (1.4.8) is released. The only change in the code is the support of Postgresql 8.4

Posted by Sergey Koposov 2009-05-07

Q3C-1.4.7 released

The new version of Q3C-1.4.7 was released. This release implements the support of concave polygons in polygonal queries

Posted by Sergey Koposov 2009-01-18

Q3C-1.4.6 released

Q3C-1.4.6 is a bug fix for non-GNU platforms, such as BSDs.

Posted by Sergey Koposov 2008-11-30


The new version of Q3C, Q3C-1.4.5 is released. This is purely bug fix release, and a significant bug in cone/ellipse-searches was fixed. Upgrade is strongly recommended.

Posted by Sergey Koposov 2008-11-11

Q3C: 1.4.1 was released

Q3C means QuadTree Cube.This is the plugin for PostgreSQL to work with large astronomical catalogues (or just the catalogues of objects on the sphere). It allows you to do easily the cone searches, polygonal searches on the sphere and fast cross-matches.

Now Q3C-1.4.1 is working with Postgresql 8.3. Older versions are still supported too.

Posted by Sergey Koposov 2007-12-21

Q3C-1.4.0 released

The new release Q3C-1.4.0 is provided.
In this release the ellipse searches were implemented

Posted by Sergey Koposov 2007-05-26

Release of Q3C-1.3.0

Q3C was updated to be used together with PostgreSQL 8.2.
The large queries (as large as 20-30-40 degrees) should work correctly
Several bugs were fixed

Posted by Sergey Koposov 2006-12-11

Release of Q3C-1.2.3

Minor release, fixing the significant bug in conesearch queries (not allowing to use bitmap scan when the columns have the real type).

Posted by Sergey Koposov 2006-08-21

Release of Q3C-1.2.2

The small bug in the regression tests was fixed.

Posted by Sergey Koposov 2006-08-12

Release of Q3C-1.2.1

The new version of Q3C have been released. This is mainly a bug fixing release, it fixes a couple of longstanding, but hart to hit bugs in the code and also provide some small regression tests.

Posted by Sergey Koposov 2006-08-02

Final release of Q3C-1.2

The final release of Q3C-1.2 with elliptical cross-matches, and polygonal searches on the sky and better installation scheme

Posted by Sergey Koposov 2006-04-29

Update of Q3C-1.2beta release

Some issues with installation on different platforms have been fixed, readme improved.

Posted by Sergey Koposov 2006-02-17

Q3C-1.2beta release

The positional cross-matches with elliptical regions are implemented.
Also the Installation procedure is significantly improved.
The README is also improved.

Posted by Sergey Koposov 2006-02-15

Release of Q3C-1.1

In new version of Q3C the polygonal queries are enabled.

Posted by Sergey Koposov 2006-01-12

Release of Q3C-1.0

I finally released the Q3C-1.0
Now I think Q3C is ready for usage. I finally have frozen the internal interfaces of Q3C, tested it a lot and updated the documentation.

Posted by Sergey Koposov 2005-11-29