Hi all,

I am working with the python library PyX (version 0.12.1). I run several tasks at the same time in the same machine. For each task, I create a temporary directory and remove it when the tasks are finished. 

The code I am using is as follows:

def helloworld(tdir):

     from pyx import text,color,document,canvas,bitmap,path

     d = document.document()
     c = canvas.canvas()
     c.text(0, 0, r"{\textbf{Hello World:}}", [text.size(3), text.halign.boxleft])
     d.writePDFfile(tdir + "/" + "helloworld.pdf")

     return 0

When I run 6 or more tasks at the same time, I have the error: "still waiting for latex after 25 (of 60) seconds...the timeout of 60 seconds expired and latex did not respond." How can I fix it? 

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