#106 adodbapi lower/mixed case column names

Peter Schwalm

It would be nice if I could access the original mixed case column names of a query result (not only the lower cased). Reason: I would like the names as headers for a .csv, and the original mixed case versions are more readable. (I don't like underline in names and use camel notation instead.)

For myself I have written an extension in a class inheriting from Cursor - which is not nice, because it is dependant of internal implementation of Cursor.

The call of getMixedCaseColumnNames() for the cursor instance makes these names available.

Of course this is only a workaround and an implementation in adodbapi would be much better.

Here it is:


class XCursor0(adodbapi.Cursor):


"wie adodbapi.Cursor aber mit Erweiterung getMixedCaseColumnNames()"
def __init__(self, baseCursor):
    self.__dict__["_cursor"] = baseCursor

def __getattr__(self, attr):
    #print "getAttribute", attr
    return getattr(self.__dict__["_cursor"], attr)

def __setattr__(self, attr, value):
    #print "setAttr", attr, value
    return setattr(self.__dict__["_cursor"], attr, value)

def getMixedCaseColumnNames(self):
    "wie columnNames, aber mixed case"
    colNames                = structuredConfig.CommonOptions()
    for i in range(self.numberOfColumns):
        fld                 = self.rs.Fields(i)
        colNames[fld.Name]  = i  # columnNames lookup
    return colNames

(Of course there is also a similar construction for Connection, by which this class is instantiated.)