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#302 Is PyXML Required?

SOAPpy (75)
Toshio Kuratomi

In Fedora, we're trying to get rid of PyXML as it is dead upstream and the way the Python stdlib overwrites portions of itself with code from pyxml if that is present has brought in bugs that have been fixed in the stdlib's version of xml. Our SOAPpy package currently has a dep on PyXML because of this line in the README:

Required Packages

These packages should be installed before SOAPpy.

- fpconst 0.6.0 or later,

- pyXML 0.8.3 or later, <http://pyxml.sourceforge.net>

However, browsing the Code repository and ChangeLog, I see things that lead me to believe the code doesn't need PyXML and this is a documentation error. Revision 414: http://pywebsvcs.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/pywebsvcs/trunk/SOAPpy/README?r1=318&r2=414 of the README makes PyXML an optional dep. Browsing the code seems to support this. http://pywebsvcs.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/pywebsvcs/trunk/SOAPpy/README?r1=451&r2=481 is a cleanup and simplification of README that just happens to move pyXML from the optional section to Required again. I'm thinking this was a mistake in the cleanup of the README.

Assuming this is correct, I'm attaching a patch that would update the README.