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Python UML Tool / News: Recent posts

PyUt 1.4, finally a version

After many month, finally a version is popped out !
We now have a good version out with zoom, undo/redo, and many bug fixes. Thanks to D.Dabrowsky for his patch concerning the two first.
Only a TGZ is provided. It should works with all OS supporting Python and wx. I tested it with Python 2.4.1 and wxPython 2.6-gtk2-unicode, under a FC4. By the way, we have a nice draft version of Chinese in these version.... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2006-02-18

Saving works again under Windows !

The bug has been fixed and is now part of the CVS.
Thanks to the libxml team for their responses.

But I can't still make a .exe for windows using py2exe (I can't make it work).
If you have time and want to make a .exe of PyUt, please let me know, this will be gratefully appreciated !

We're working now on plugins stabilization and on next version architecture.
More activity planned on CVS in two weeks (end of the year).... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2003-12-16

PyUt saving problems

Some users sent me mails about the fact that saving doesn't works at all.

This is a known problem and all I can say is to wait or take an earlier version of Python :
The problem occured with the interaction between PyXML and Python 2.3.
I posted a bug on PyXML bug list on SourceForge, but it seems that they have no solution yet.
The case is still under investigation.

What I can suggest is to work with Python 2.2, which works well for me (Red Hat Linux 9.0).... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2003-10-09

PyUt 1.3a2 .exe status

PyUt 1.3a2 was popped out two weeks ago, but I still can't make a .exe distribution.
I use py2exe, and it seems that py2exe 0.3.4 and python 2.2.3 are not working well together.
I'm waiting an advice from developers of py2exe and perhaps after that I'll be able to make a .exe distribution, but until then, I encourrage you to download the .tar.gz distribution, which is source that can be read with winzip.... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2003-07-19

PyUt 1.3a2

I released today PyUt 1.3 alpha 2.
Note that this is a alpha and all functionalities will not be working at 100%.
But this one is stable enough to work everyday with (I do it).

For the future, I hope to fix soon some graphical bugs and some hard bugs linked to wxWindows (like the errors when exiting), integrate Portuguese translation and then release the 1.3b1 version. Maybe during the next month, if god give me time for that.... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2003-05-15

true/false problem

On Windows with wxPython, you got many problems with true/false.

I submitted a bug report on wxPython@sf and got the following response :

This is the result of attempting to deprecate the use of
true/false and get people to use the new True/False that
Python is now providing. Oviously that was a bad idea and I
have abandoned the idea. is currently in testing
and should be available early next week. In the meantime
you can apply the patch sent to the mail list a few days
ago, or just change the definition of true and false in your
copy of
------------------------------------------------------------------------... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2003-03-23

XMI files

In order to create XMI import/export plugin, we need some xmi files to test the plugin.
If you have some, could you please send us xmi files with a screenshot of the corresponding UML schema ?

We also need some testers which could test this plugin;
(basically import xmi files in PyUt and verify that the import works well, and export xmi files from PyUt and verify from ArgoUML, Rational Rose or other tools that the files can be read easily)... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2003-03-01

PyUt 1.2 release

well... finally we've done a third pyut release.
You probably noticed that we haven't do a windows release (.exe), this is because we haven't time to do that. Windows users can still use .tgz. Actually PyUt 1.2 is untested with Linux since no one of us is working with windows.
If someone want to do a .exe release (with py2exe+innosetup) please contact us.

Now, we're working on bugs correction (still !) and some major new features : project management, project tree improvments, sequence diagrams.... read more

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2002-11-06

Python UML tool 1.1 released (with reverse engineering) !!

PyUt 1.1 is out with new features :
- Java reverse-engineering and code generation
- Python reverse-engineering and code generation
- C++ code generation
- i18n
- use-cases and class diagrams
- uml notes
- classes comments
- XMI import
- ...

see for more details.

C.Dutoit, PyUt 1.1 Project manager

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2002-07-18

Python UML Tool first release 1.0 !!!

PyUt is a little UML1.3 editor, featuring :
- printing
- import/export dynamic plugins
- Export to XML, JPEG, BMP, PS.
- Actually runs under Windows and Unix/Linux

Posted by Philippe Waelti 2002-02-27