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PyUt 1.4, finally a version

After many month, finally a version is popped out !
We now have a good version out with zoom, undo/redo, and many bug fixes. Thanks to D.Dabrowsky for his patch concerning the two first.
Only a TGZ is provided. It should works with all OS supporting Python and wx. I tested it with Python 2.4.1 and wxPython 2.6-gtk2-unicode, under a FC4. By the way, we have a nice draft version of Chinese in these version.

This one is not perfect, but is good enough to work every days with it. But to be more up-to-date, I recommend you to use the CVS version, as allways stable and up-to-date.

For the future, only bugfixes are planned, while a big things is preparing. You can send us bug reports and patches to pyut@shimbawa.ch. Questions and remarks are appreciated.

Thanks for your interest in PyUt,
Project manager

Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2006-02-18