PyUt 1.2 release

well... finally we've done a third pyut release.
You probably noticed that we haven't do a windows release (.exe), this is because we haven't time to do that. Windows users can still use .tgz. Actually PyUt 1.2 is untested with Linux since no one of us is working with windows.
If someone want to do a .exe release (with py2exe+innosetup) please contact us.

Now, we're working on bugs correction (still !) and some major new features : project management, project tree improvments, sequence diagrams.

We're also working on :
- improving plugins
- adding a design patterns library
- improving functionalities and maniability
- ...

Thanks to all translators and to everyone who have proposed to aid developing PyUt. We aren't answering in the better times and we apologize for that, but the time is what we are all looking for.


Posted by Cédric Dutoit 2002-11-06