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[Released] PyUSB 1.0.0 alpha 2

Dear all,

PyUSB 1.0.0 alpha2 is out.

PyUSB aims to provide easy USB access to the Python language using the major
USB libraries as its backend.

Main changes

- Test firmware now lives in its own respository (https://github.com/walac/bmfw).
- ``USBError`` now has the property ``backend_error_code`` that tells the
backend specific error.
- ``errno`` value in ``USBError`` is translated according to the backend error.
- Now ``Device`` class has the ``bus`` and ``address`` attributes to
differentiate identical devices.
- Optimization when log is disabled (by Emmanuel Blot).
- Several other minor fixes and improvaments (check ChangeLog file).

Not yet implemented

- OpenUSB support.
- Isochronous transfer.

Have fun :-)


Posted by Wander Lairson 2011-11-12