Feature Request

  • I've used pyui for a while now, and there is only one thing that I still really desire ... a resource editor. Even having a text file I could edit would be nice. I might do one myself when I get the chance.

    • I decided to put up a simple example of a route a user could take. Check in the patches section.

    • Sean Riley
      Sean Riley

      Hi ginbot,

      I am not really focusing my attention on PyUI these days, as I'm no longer using it for my job.
      A resource editor is a good idea - contructing dialogs from code can be very tedious, but I dont really have the time to work on integrating this. If you are interested, I could give you cvs access...

      Sean Riley.

    • cvs access would be nice, as there are some things I have fixed, and other features I've wanted to add and/or complete.

      A quick way of doing a resource editor is taking .res files from somthing like VisualStudio and digesting them straight ... or converting them over into a custom resource to read.  Obviously, I would look around for some OpenSource editor first.

      Mike Dorsett