Use of PythonQt library bindings in IPython

  • porcupinegr

    Good morning,

    First of all, many thanks to Florian Link and the community for this
    excellent library.

    I am using it to compile Python bindings for my project which is written in
    C++ and expose QObject-based objects to Python scripts.

    I am wondering whether using PythonQt in conjunction with IPython is
    supported. More specifically: suppose we have a software library in C++/Qt
    and that we have created Python bindings to it using PythonQt. Is it
    possible to import and use the library within an IPython session?

    Possibly problems may arise from the fact that a PythonQt was compiled
    against a different version of Python (the one included in the Mingw-w64
    project, which is a Python interpreter compiled against gcc 4.8, whereas
    IPython from Anaconda includes a version of Python compiled against MSVC).

    If anyone has tried to do something similar or has any experience in using
    PythonQt bindings from within IPython, any help will be very much

    Thank you,

    George Christodoulides