What pythonlabtools is

  • I have just posted pythonlabtools to sourceforge to provide some of the work I have been doing using python in a laboratory data acquisition environment to the public and, I hope, to ecourage other people who might be doing the same thing to make contributions.

    The tools I include in the first installment are some pieces of varying levels of maturity, ranging from very stable and in production use (fitting_toolbox.py, general-optics.py) to some very new data acquisition code, which has been used in test but not really deployed in production. 

    I would like to see contributions for device communications protocols (I have already written nati-dstp from national Instruments for communications with LabVIEW, and vxi-11, for networked communications to gpib-like devices).

    This project should be considered to be an extension to many other fine, highly focused python packages (NumPy, for example), rather than a replacement/wheel reinvent for anything.  This site will probably remain highly miscellaneous forever, since the intent is to provide a place to put little bits and pieces useful in laboratory and scientific work, but which just don't fit elsewhere.

    I look forward to hearing from anyone who might be interested.

    Marcus Mendenhall