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Can't build pywintypes

  • Hi,

    I downloaded both python-wince (2.4.3-060404) and pywin32 (Build 208) so I could test Python on a Windows CE device... but when I do an nmake all (including PyWin32) after the wcearm.bat environment file I get the following error:

    Building pywintypes
    NMAKE : fatal error U1073: don't know how to make 'c:\source\pywin32-208\win32\src\PyWinTypes_WinCE_Compatibility.c'

    I've looked in vain for the PyWinTypes_WinCE_Compatibility.c file.

    Has anybody managed to get this particular configuration to build?

    Is the makefile.pywintypes outdated or is my PyWin32 source incomplete?

    Should refer this over to the PyWin32 project?

    Windows 2000 Pro
    MS eVC++ 4.0
    Pocket PC 2003 SDK (CE 4.2)
    Python 2.4.3
    Python-Wince 2.4.3 (20060404)
    PyWin32 build 208

    Robert Corrigan

    • Luke Dunstan
      Luke Dunstan

      The file pywin32-wince-20051223.zip from the PythonCE-2.3.5 release contains pywin32 source that will build for WinCE. I am not planning to continue updating pywin32 for WinCE though, so if you need something new from v208 then you'll have to figure it out yourself.

      Personally I only use ctypes now so I have no need for pywin32.

      • Thanks for the speedy reply Luke. Using the 2.3.5 build worked. Good enough for me.

        I'll diddle around with removing makefile.pywintypes from the external components folder and retrying this with 2.4, using ctypes as you suggest. I don't have any overarching need for pywintypes either...