How to install ?!?

  • ajsb

    I downloaded PythonCE but
    i dont understand how can install
    it is it installed ?


    • Garry

      (This reply is probably too late for you, but maybe it'll help others.)  I managed to install python and tkinter using the files and dated 2004-07-21.  I'm not a windows ce expert or a python expert, so this isn't necessarily the best way to do it, but it worked for me:

      On your PocketPC, create the directory:
      \Program Files\Python\Lib

      Unzip on your desktop PC, and copy all of the files it contains to:
      \Program Files\Python\Lib
      on your Pocket PC.

      Using the PocketPC file explorer, click on the following shortcut:
      \Program Files\Python\Lib\Setup Registry
      Which runs the Setup script and installs the necessary registry entires to associate .py files with python.

      Python is now installed.  You can run it by clicking on the python exectuable (ie. \Program Files\Python\Lib\python) or by clicking on any .py file in the file explorer.  You might also want to add it to your start menu, by selecting the executable in the file explorer, and choosing "copy" from the context menu, and then going to the directory:
      \Windows\Start Menu\Programs
      and choosing "paste shortcut" from the context menu.

      Note: one thing that confused me at this point, is that if python is already running, clicking a .py file in file explorer will switch to the existing instance of python but will not run the script you have clicked on.  If this happens, just exit the existing instance (by using Exit in the File menu) and try again.

      Installing Tkinter was a little more tricky, but should be easy if you follow these instructions.

      First unzip on your desktop PC.

      The zip file contains the following directories:

      You should copy the contents of these directories to the following directories on the PocketPC:

      tcl8.4.3\library -> \Program Files\Python\Lib\tcl8.4
      tcl8.4.3\tk8.4 -> \Program Files\Python\Lib\tk8.4
      Windows -> \Windows

      The only problem now was that python couldn't import Tkinter, because it's default module paths didn't include it.  There is probably a proper way to fix this, but I get around it by starting all of my Tkinter programs with:

      import sys
      sys.path += ['\\Program Files\\Python\\lib\\\\lib-tk']

      from Tkinter import *


    • Danny Staple
      Danny Staple

      Thanks for that. Might it be possibly something you can add to the setup registry file? I have no idea about environment variables on the pocket pc - or if they even exist.

    • vigorous_one

      Everything for the most part was straight forward except
      tcl8.4.3\library -> \Program Files\Python\Lib\tcl8.4

      which means
      tcl8.4.3\library\* -> \Program Files\Python\Lib\tcl8.4

      #a test application
      import sys
      sys.path += ['\\Program Files\\Python\\lib\\\\lib-tk']
      from Tkinter import *
      # create a label widget and add it to the root window
      w = Label(0, text="Hello, world!") # 0 => no parent window
      # start processing user events

    • leo

      After installing all as mentioned it is impossible to run the script "Setup Registry" as
      it is a .py file not yet associated to intrepreter. A solution ? thanks

      • Luke Dunstan
        Luke Dunstan

        1. Run PythonCE
        2. execfile('\\program files\\python\\')

    • leo

      Thanks for last info. Really the problem is that it's necessary to install Python in the default "Program Files" folder otherwise the Startup Registry file doesn't find the Python exe to execute ".py" files.

    • Snake

      I was able to install python and the windows extensions on my pocket pc. But I wasn't able to install/build the win32com module. Any suggestions?