Input of the text in Russian, problem UNICODE

  • Anton Orekhov
    Anton Orekhov

    I have install:
    PythonCE 2.3.5
    TCL/Tk 8.4 (Tkinter-Files)

    Problem at input of the text in widgets Tk.
    English letters and figures are entered normally.
    At input of Russian letters in an widgets there is a mistake: instead of the letter there is a figure or the English letter and the second symbol - a square.

    The Russian text from a source code of the program is displayed normally.
    For example: Button (root, text=u'привет ') .pack () All is correct, is displayed normally.

    The mistake occurs only at input of the user.

    • Anton Orekhov
      Anton Orekhov

      HP IPAQ hx 2110
      Windows Mobile 2003 SE

    • Luke Dunstan
      Luke Dunstan

      Is it possible to test this on an English PDA? I've never seen a way to switch to a different keyboard layout or Input Method Editor like Windows XP.

      • Anton Orekhov
        Anton Orekhov

        For input of symbols in different languages. And for switching languages.
        It is necessary to establish the special screen keyboard. (enters symbols in UNICODE as far as I have understood)

        For example:
        KeyboardPlus (freeware)

        (It is possible to adjust in a mode of Russian or Ukrainian.)

    • Please, fix this bug...