I am a windows 7 ultimate user and really a beginner and a die hard fan of python 
and i wanted to install python in my pc so first i downloaded python 2.7.5 then wxpython then python card and installed them respectively.
During the whole installation there was not a single problem and eve the minimal was working fine but when i try to open python card editor for python files it gives a error of 

"..\..\src\common\stdpbase.cpp(49): assert "traits" failed in wxStandardPathBase::Get():create wxAppbefore calling this.
Do you want to stop the program?
You can also choose[Cancel] to suppress futher warnings.
then three options yes,no and cancel.
if i press yes then it stops ,
if i  press no then it opens but nothing can be done on window all button (file,edit etc)work but the option inside the do not function.

Please help me guys really in a mess........