#63 codeEditor: Shift+Alt+3 does not uncomment code

Tom Eubank

codeEditor does not recognize the shortcut Alt+Shift+3 and, therefore, does not uncomment code as expected.

to reproduce:
1. open codeEditor
2. create or open any text file.
3. select one or more lines in file.
4. press Alt+3: Selected lines are commented out.
5. press Alt+Shift+3: <<<<<
Selected lines are NOT uncommented as expected.

I have demonstrated to my satisfaction that the Shift+Alt+3 shortcut, as defined in codeEditor.rsrc.py is not being recognized, and no message is generated for menuEditUncommentRegion. (Aside: If you use the resourceEditor to edit codeEditor.rsrc.py, and attempt to edit the shortcut, Alt+Shift+3 (not Shift+Alt+3) key combination is always created for the shortcut.)

If you change the shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+3, the shortcut is recognized, the menuEditUncommentRegion message is generated, and the codeEditor responds as expected.

I was able to reproduce the error with PythonCard-0.8.2.

User Environment:
OS: Linux
GNOME: 2.18.1 (Ubuntu 2007-04-10)
Kernel: 2.6.20-16-server (#2 SMP Tue Feb 12 05:48:21 UTC 2008)
gcc: 4.1.2 (i486-linux-gnu)
Xorg: 7.2.0 (18 January 2008)
package: python-PythonCard (0.8.1-8.1)