Are you setting a background for the window?  It may be completely transparent, not rendering over the other windows.  The C Xlib may be setting something sensible default there which python-xlib doesn't.


On 6 April 2010 20:29, jesse maurais <> wrote:
I searched through the List Archives awhile before deciding to ask this. I hope I didn't just miss it, but sorry if this was already asked.

It seems that when I make a CreateWindow request with border_width = 0 the window will map, but it isn't visible. I can see it in my window-switcher applet. There just isn't a window to be seen. When I click on the applet button to maximize it, I can't select other windows, as if my invisible window were indeed maximized. This seems to be behavior peculiar to python-xlib since both the canonical C version of Xlib and the python version xcb both accept border_width=0 with no oddities. And I've poked around in their code trying to find out if they're doing anything different.

I was guessing that the developers know about this problem since the examples are all careful to set border_width > 0

Any suggestions as to how to work around this?

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