I'd like to schedule a CVS freeze for python-xlib and plwm on March 3rd at 10am EST, in preparation for the migration from CVS to Subversion. If anyone has any objections to this time and/or date, please notify me ASAP.

What the freeze will entail is pretty much just that nobody should use CVS after that date. I will then send an email to the mailing lists as soon as the migration is complete and tested, at which time everyone can start using Subversion for python-xlib and plwm.

This will mean that you should check in all changes you've made before that date if possible, or simply copy your changes over to a new Subversion working copy once the migration is done. (instructions for the latter can be found at http://plwm.sourceforge.net/plwm-svn.html#migratingChanges)

Instructions on changing over to a Subversion working copy can be found at http://plwm.sourceforge.net/plwm-svn.html. The definitive resource for Subversion documentation is the Subversion book, found at http://svnbook.red-bean.com/. Of particular interest is the chapter, Subversion for CVS Users, which is a great introduction for those of you who may not have used Subversion before.

The old CVS repository will be kept for a time as a historical record, but all new changes should be committed to Subversion and not CVS after the freeze.

Let me know if anyone has any questions or problems with the Subversion migration. Have a good week!

David H. Bronke
Vice President of Project Development
G33X Nexus Entertainment

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