On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 8:56 AM, Forest Bond <forest@alittletooquiet.net> wrote:
Of course I understand that open source projects are often run by volunteers,
and I have no intention of criticizing how people spend their free time.  But
perhaps we can improve the situation by granting subversion access to one or two
more people.

From the web site (http://python-xlib.sourceforge.net/; I recommend reading this if you haven't):

Maintainer still wanted!

Python Xlib is partially maintained by interested developers - bugfixes and feature patches will be applied and released. However, if anyone wishes to take on a more complete maintenance and new development role, please join the mailing list and introduce yourself!

At this point in time, nobody loves python-xlib for itself; they love it for what they can do with it in other projects. Recent history has been that somebody contributes bug fixes/features useful for their project, then roles a release so that they can get a build of their project using a released version of python-xlib. Nobody is adding features or fixing bugs just to improve python-xlib. It's not an orphan - the developers still hang out here and help people, and you can even get bug fixes from them if you ask on the list. But nobody has taken on tasks like dealing with open issues, building a test suite, etc.

In any case, I agree with the sentiment that we need more committers. If you're interested, and have been active on this list (at least an introduction), send me your sourceforge id's and I'll give you the commit bit. If you think you might want to create a release, let me know so I can turn that on as well.