Commit Date  
[r224] (HEAD) by d-orban

Cosmetic changes.

2011-08-12 18:38:51 Tree
[r223] by d-orban

Updated requirements and documentation.

2011-08-12 18:32:19 Tree
[r222] by d-orban

Documentation now based on MathJaX.

2011-08-12 18:31:39 Tree
[r221] by d-orban

Update install directions with pip.

2011-06-14 16:20:29 Tree
[r220] by d-orban

Add pip requirements file for testing dependency management.

2011-06-14 15:57:37 Tree
[r219] by d-orban

Streamline itsolvers wrappers and simplify calling sequence.
Also interface Bicgstab and Gmres which, for some reason, were left out.

2011-06-14 03:08:23 Tree
[r218] by d-orban

Add requirement for Numpy in

2011-05-11 22:59:30 Tree
[r217] by d-orban

Adjust build system for latest SuiteSparse.

2011-04-14 00:37:17 Tree
[r216] by d-orban

creating branch for suitesparse

2011-04-14 00:27:01 Tree
[r215] by d-orban

Fix memory leak in UMFPACK module.

2011-03-07 14:40:00 Tree
[r214] by d-orban

Add summary field in (for Pypi).

2011-02-03 13:01:18 Tree
[r213] by wd15

Adding svn procedures.

2010-12-30 19:20:32 Tree
2010-12-30 19:14:04 Tree
[r211] by d-orban

Fix typo in UMFPACK module.

2010-12-06 23:10:09 Tree
[r210] by d-orban

Merge storeZeros branch.

2010-12-04 18:23:22 Tree
[r209] by d-orban

Fix blanks here and there.

2010-12-04 18:11:52 Tree
[r208] by wd15

typo, sizeZeros -> storeZeros

2010-11-03 13:46:45 Tree
[r207] by wd15

removing bool representation

2010-11-02 21:14:12 Tree
[r206] by wd15

adding storeZeros attribute to ll_mat objects

2010-10-25 20:25:39 Tree
[r205] by wd15

Making a branch to allow storage of zero values in ll_mat format.

2010-10-25 20:16:09 Tree
[r204] by d-orban

Minor updates to documentation.

2010-10-06 21:48:22 Tree
[r203] by d-orban

Fixed auto-detection of BLAS and LAPACK in eigen module.

2010-10-06 15:26:39 Tree
[r202] by wd15

Updated so version number has the form x.y.z-devXYZ

2010-10-05 14:48:35 Tree
[r201] by d-orban

Updated license and for Pypi.

2010-10-02 13:19:13 Tree
[r200] by wd15

Refactoring complete. Merged source:branches/interfaceContinuity to source:trunk

2010-09-13 20:03:54 Tree
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