• Which word list is being used for English? It must be an out of date version because some words are missing. Some examples of missing words are:
    ag, di, de, et, ab, ya, pe, jun, jus, heh, tav, prez, qaid, iliad, meno

    ...there are others, but that's all the missing ones i can remember at the moment.

    Trust me, these words are valid and can be verified for Scrabble at http://www.collins.co.uk/wordexchange/Templates/Template1.aspx?it=-1&quote=-1&pg=-1
    which has a Scrabble word checker at bottom of page.

    • ok, that link won't display correctly for some reason. Try this http://www.collins.co.uk/wordexchange

    • Kevin Conaway
      Kevin Conaway

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your input.  For the english version, we use the ENABLE (Enhanced North American Bench LExicon) for word lookup.

      If you can provide an alternate word list, I would consider including it.

      Feel free to email me to discuss it further, kevin.a.conaway@gmail.com