example of good Scrabble

  • Are you familiar with Carols ISC online Scrabble game (WordBiz)? It has lots of cool features that might give you some ideas for PyScrabble.
    Shall I send you the URL?
    One nice feature of PyScrabble which is missing from ISC Scrabble is the ability to have up to 4 players. ISC only allow 2 players per game.
    Keep up the good work. I hope more players join PYScrabble soon.

    • Kevin Conaway
      Kevin Conaway

      I'm not familiar with that program, I'll check it out.

      Were there any particular features that you would like to see implemented in PyScrabble?

      Thanks for the kind words! Drop me an email sometime, I'm always open to suggestions. kevin.a.conaway@gmail.com

    • Hi,

      I play PS for the first time and I really like it. Some time ago i used to play that one:

      Some Ideas, partially inspired by the game mentioned above:

      How about...

      - a function, that lets players accept a word that is not in the dictionairy? The team could decide, whether this word is acceptable or not.

      - counting the word-score while placing letters? This could be optional.

      - the possibility for a player to re-join, after he accidentally left the game, as long as no one else made a move?

      That's it for now,

      • Kevin Conaway
        Kevin Conaway

        Hi Mono,

        Thanks for the ideas.  I'll take a look and see what I can do about letting players rejoin a game as long as no one has made a move.

        Regarding words that aren't in the dictionary, how do you see that working? Would every player in the game have to approve the word?



    • Hi Kevin,

      "Would every player in the game have to approve the word?"
      Exactly. This is possible in the "other" scrabble. (The words don't have to be permanently added to the dictionairy, because opinions may differ and pyscrabble is a server-backed multiplayer game. The one mentioned above works with local dictionaries and has this possibilty, too. The inetrnet-capabilities there are limited. That's why I looked for an alternative in the first place. And I found pyscrabble.)

      Why accept words not in the dictionairy? One example:
      This applies to German scrabble. Let's assume there is a verb "leben" (to live). According to the rules (i assume), any reasonable conjugation is allowed. But "lebenden" (those who are living) may not be in the dictionairy. In that case, all players could temporarily approve the word "lebenden" after a short discussion in the chat.

      By the way:
      A CPU-Player would be great for single-player training, too.


    • Will

      Normally Scrabble is played in such a way that you can play any legal combination of letters with others having the option to challenge at the risk of losing a turn.  If PyScrabble could include this, it would be awesome!

    • any news on that topic?

      thanks in advance,