Unjoined words bug

  • There is a bug in PyScrabble in which more than one word can be played at a time if both words are in a line (horizontal or vertical) and both words join onto existing words.
    Example - view the saved game "unjoined word bug" on the UK public server

    First word played is WARN
    Second word played is both RIDE and ONE separated by a space and resulting in a Bingo score.
    This will need to be fixed.

    • For some reason that example saved game got deleted.
      I created another bug example game and saved it. Same conditions, different words used.

    • Kevin Conaway
      Kevin Conaway

      That was me who deleted it :)

      Thanks for pointing it out. I'm aware of how to reproduce it and have fixed it for the next release.

      Thanks again!

    • aha! I thought I had done something to lose it by mistake :)