PySAP for Python 3a1?

  • vizcaynot

    Hello Klavdij:
    Python 3.0a1 was released yesterday. I tried to run using your nice and smart product (mainly because you used ctypes) but had many problems. In python 2.5 it runs very well.
    Are you thinking to implement / change code to adapt python 3a1, no matter if the version is not mature?
    Thanks for your attention.

    • Hello!

      I'm planning to adapt code to Python 3. I've recently created dedicated branch in CVS. The syntax errors seem to be fixed by running the 2to3 tool on current module, but now I'm getting segfaults which are presumeabily caused by reworked bytes/string types in Python 3 (and my shifting of certain data via memcpy, of course). Adapting code should not be to hard (and not much work, either), however there are some other changes, adaptations which are long overdue:
      1. replacing mxDateTime and fixed_point modules for datetime and decimal from standard lib,
      2. droping support for Python 2.2 which required me to keep compatibility with older versions of ctypes (0.6.x),
      3. making code more modular and clean, getting rid of some nasty hacks.

      Best regards,

    • very nice!thanks