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We have released a new binary installer of PyQt-Mac, PyQt-Mac-03-2005, which packages PyQt for Mac OS X. This installer updates all components of PyQt to the latest versions:

PyQt 3.14.1, Sip 4.2.1, QScintilla 1.5.1, Qt 3.3.4, and Eric 3 (PyQt IDE) 3.6.2

This version differs from previous releases of PyQt-Mac by handling all installation details, no longer requiring the user to run additional installer scripts. The result is a significantly smaller installer package (60 MB) and final installation (250 MB). ... read more

Posted by Kevin Walzer 2005-03-23


This new version includes a new build of Qt-Mac 3.3.3 with threading support, and adds symlinks to Qt libraries.

Posted by Kevin Walzer 2004-11-19