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PyPsp - Open Source PSP Video Manager / News: Recent posts

Progress Update 2

When i was developing PyPSP last year and learning Python i did not expect it to get one to two downloads per day like it is now. Even though i haven't released a new release or changed any of the code as i am really occupied with my new job as a Python (Zope) developer and i am also about to finish university (i have four weeks left). So i think im going to take up this project again and convert it to Mac Version (using PyObjC for Cocoa Aqua interface). See what happens!

Posted by Bulkan-Savun Evcimen 2007-09-11

Progress Update

As can be be seen from the project summary i have now changed the purpose PyPsp. Instead of trying to provide a full-blown, bells & whistles video converter, this converter will be used for "just click convert and don't worry about the end result, just know that i can watch it on my PSP in the end". More details at PyPspBlog.

Posted by Bulkan-Savun Evcimen 2007-02-15

ANN: PyPsp 0.1

First version of PyPsp is released. I have done limited testing as i have limited free time to devote to this project, but im doing my best.
There are a three external modules that you need to download see the README file for additional information.

Posted by Bulkan-Savun Evcimen 2006-08-12


Hi All,

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Posted by Bulkan-Savun Evcimen 2006-07-02