Portable version of PyPE for Windows

  • wpp_dev


    I'm a winPenPack.com developer.

    winPenPack (http://www.winpenpack.com and http:/
    ) is a collection of open source portable programs for Windows, optimized
    for use with a USB pen drive or any portable device and also directly from
    Hard Disk.

    I'd like to signal you that we have developed a portable version of PyPE for
    Windows, called X-PyPE, in winPenPack.com Format: http://www.winpenpack.com/m
    . You have just to download the .zip archive, uncompress it and double-
    click on X-PyPE.exe

    Obviously, any suggestion or feedback will be welcome!

  • Josiah Carlson
    Josiah Carlson


    I am not convinced that your X-PyPE distribution in winpenpack offers users
    anything over what already exists in standard PyPE using the --standalone
    command line option (which makes PyPE portable, and which has been available
    for 2+ years).

    I kindly request that you delete X-PyPE from your site and stop distributing
    in whole or in part any version of PyPE or X-PyPE. If you would like to link
    to the sourceforge.net download page (http://sourceforge.net/projects/pype/fi
    on winpenpack.com that
    is fine. I also request that you remove any and all donation links on pages
    that reference PyPE or X-PyPE, as I am certain that I have worked far more on
    PyPE than anyone on your team.

    This message will also be posted in the public PyPE forums in reply to your
    help request there.


    • Josiah Carlson
  • Danix

    Hi Josiah,

    since it is our intention to respect faithfully all licenses, I'm disposed to
    eliminate X-PyPE from winPenPack.com

    But, please, explain me first what point of GPL I'm violating.



  • Josiah Carlson
    Josiah Carlson


    I am not making any statements regarding the GPL.

    However, you have taken a piece of software that I have written, which
    supports the same functionality you claim to be adding, added a wrapper with
    splash screen, changed the icon, are distributing it without my consent, and
    are requesting donations for your work.

    What I'm asking is that you stop doing all of the above. It will save you time
    and money, and will make me happy.


    • Josiah Carlson
  • Danix

    Hi Josiah,

    I would like to point out how the X-PyPE version of your program have, indeed,
    some advantages for a portable usage of PyPE:

    (1) The "--standalone" parameter that executes PyPE in portable mode, must be
    added from the command line, operation automatically performed by X-PyPE, but,
    in any case, difficult, for the normal user;

    (2) the "Recents" paths are normalized in X-PyPE (i.e. the path is
    automatically changed, depending on the drive letter assigned to the USB flash
    disk by the host PC). In the official version an error is shown when files are
    not found, because all paths are absolute and not relative;

    (3) the default folder for saving and opening files is set on \Documents\PyPE
    folder (but it can be changed by the user as he wants).

    Therefore, while the feature (1) is already available in your program (also
    less comfortable to use with respect to X-PyPE), the other two are not
    available; the advantage to have the paths automatically normalized is very
    convenient when working directly on the USB flash disk, and the user need that
    the Recents and/or the Documents remain always and immediately available.

    The PayPal link that you find in the X-PyPE page on winPenPack site, moreover,
    is NOT a request for money related to your program, but is simply the same
    that you can find anywhere on the winPenPack site, and is used exclusively for
    spontaneous donations regarding ALL OUR WORK (i.e. ALL the portabilizations,
    packaging, documentation, etc.) that is entirely voluntary and free.

    I am, therefore, very disappointed for your request, regarding, too, a program
    released under GPL license; license that not only agrees, but also recommends
    such modifications. Then, if you don't want that your program would be
    modified, or distributed in modified form (absolutely allowed in general), you
    should change its license. By the way, I suggest you read some FAQ on the GPL
    (see below).

    Also, we contacted so many other software authors for inform them about
    portable distributions, but this is the first time that we have been required
    to remove our portable version that, we think (and also as GPL license state),
    is perfectly legal.

    Best Regards


    Why does the GPL permit users to publish their modified versions?


    Does the GPL allow me to sell copies of the program for money?


    Does the GPL allow me to charge a fee for downloading the program from my


    Does the GPL allow me to require that anyone who receives the software must
    pay me a fee and/or notify me?


  • Danix

    Almost forgot..

    Obviously, I no longer want to have your software as part of our big
    collection of free software.

    Removed from website.

  • Josiah Carlson
    Josiah Carlson

    Thank you for removing my software from your site.