Pair of Pyparsing Papers Picked for Presentation at PyCon06

I submitted two abstracts to PyCon (since it's practically in my back yard this year), hoping to get one accepted - and the committee accepted them both! Here are the submission abstracts:

1. Introduction to Pyparsing: An Object-oriented Easy-to-Use Toolkit for Building Recursive Descent Parsers

Intended audience: beginning/intermediate Python programmers

pyparsing is a pure-Python module, containing a class library for easily
creating recursive-descent parsers. pyparsing's syntax provides tools for
both simple tokenization and data structuring and interpretation. I will
give an overview of the basic features of pyparsing, and a *very quick*
overview of the advanced features. I will close with 3 or 4 application
examples, time-permitting. (For more detail on the type of information I
have to present on pyparsing, you can visit my SourceForge project web page at\)

Duration: 45

Audience level: Intermediate

2. An Interactive Adventure Game Engine Built Using Pyparsing

A pure-Python command interpreter engine for creating text adventure games. Used as an example of creating a custom "little language", in this case, the domain being a simple text-based adventure game. Provides a complete example of using pyparsing to structure input commands, with an internal Command structure to implement command behavior.
(This could be a presentation or BoF session.)

Duration: 30

Audience level: Intermediate

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Posted by Paul McGuire 2005-12-15