Help with negation

  • DesiLinguist

    I have been trying to find help with negation but I can't find anything in the O'reilly book or even online. Plus the online documentation ("How to use PyParsing" or even the class documentation) is no longer accessible.

    Here's what I would like to do. I want to match a bunch of verbs (like assert, state, argue etc.). However, in the data "states" occurs a lot with the word "united". Therefore, I would like to prevent that particular match for "states" if the word "united" occurs before it. So. I thought I could do something along the lines of the idea Paul mentioned here:

    However, 'ignore()' doesn't seem to work. Here's my complication expression:

    assertVerb = Literal("points out") | Literal("point out") | oneOf("asserts assert \
                        claims claim \
                        writes write \
                        assumes assume \
                        contends contend \
                        alleges allege \
                        considers consider \
                        indicates indicate \
                        argues argue \
                        suggests suggest \
                        declares declare \
                        ignores ignore \
                        overlooks overlook \
                        generalizes generalize \
                        advocates advocate \
                        maintains maintain \
                        feels feel \
                        states state \
                        thinks think \
                        holds hold")

    and here's what I did for the ignore:
    assertVerb.ignore(Literal("united") + Literal("states"))

    Another complicating thing is that this assertVerb element participates in a more complex element with other elements around it. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance!