On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 6:10 AM, Mike C. Fletcher <mcfletch@vrplumber.com> wrote:
I can reproduce it here on a Kubuntu 14.04 laptop.  The shaderInfoLog on Intel driver may not be generated (compilation may not actually occur) until use-time (some drivers do not actually compile until use of the shader occurs).  You're seeing a failure to compile and that's causing this message to be generated:

    ['0:2(42): error: syntax error, unexpected IDENTIFIER, expecting EOL\n', 'error: linking with uncompiled shader']

where the linking with uncompiled shader is the proximate failure, while the previous one is the provoking failure. I just added a try/except around the call and called glGetShaderInfoLog for all of the program and shader ids.
Indeed, the problem was that glGetInfoLogARB wasn't returning what I had hoped. By changing to glGetShaderInfoLog/glGetProgramInfoLog the errors are caught and output.

In this case, it seems the extension (required for the modulus operator) was unrecognized. Getting around this with some integer arithmetic reveals it doesn't support the switch statement either. I am currently waiting on the user's input, but for now the test can move forward.

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