Oups sorry, the bug came from me not updating the good variable for my index array. So "everything" works now.

It works on Mac OS X with python from macports, but not on Ubuntu (I get only a black screen). I'll have to find out why ...
I'ill open a new thread if I don't find it out.

Sorry for the disturbance


2011/4/24 Michka Popoff <michkapopoff@gmail.com>

I am trying to use VBO's to display a big colored meshgrid. I have a problem, as I think the buffer is not cleared correctly when I delete it.
What I am doing :

- Calculate the indexes, vertexes and colors of the meshgrid (on init)
- Buffer
- Display
- On user input (by keyboard), change a parameter (call it "z"), and recalculate a new meshgrid

But there seem to be some display bugs, some triangles are not on the right place, and as I go on with new calculations (new "z"), the grid is more and more messed up.
I tested with going directly to a new meshgrid (with a fixed parameter "z" on init) , and the meshgrid is displayed without graphical bug. So the bug is not coming from my vertexes array or index array.

So :
- If I init directly the meshgrid with a specific "z" parameter (for example z=6), no problem
- If I go from z=0 to z=6 (by steps of 1), the grid at z=6 is messed up

I use the VertexBuffer class from Nathan Ostgard (http://www.siafoo.net/snippet/185), but a little bit modified :

For the creation of the buffer :
self.buffer = glGenBuffers(1)

To delete the buffer : (needed to add int() here, without it there is a TypeError ...)
glDeleteBuffers(1, int(self.buffer))
self.buffer = None

I checked the deletion of the buffer with glIsBuffer, it says that it is well deleted (Vertexes, color and indexes buffer).

So what could be the problem ? Should I post some code to show what I am doing in detail ?

Using python 2.7 and opengl 3.0.1 through macports.

Thank you in advance !

Michka Popoff

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