I wasn't able to find anything concrete about how to do this, but I have something that seems to work.  Here's what I did to install Togl in the tcl distribution that comes with windows python.

Download Togl2.0-8.4-Windows.zip from sourceforge.
Copy the folder lib\Togl2.0 from the zip file to your Python\tcl\ directory, so it's Python\tcl\Togl2.0

It's my understanding that the two important files for this are Togl20.dll and pkgIndex.tcl, but I'm not an expert.

That's it.  I already had pyopengl 3.0.0b6 installed.  I'm using Python 2.6.  The very few samples I could find for OpenGL.Tk work so far.  Python 2.6 on Windows is bundled with (and built against) tcl/tk8.5, and it looks like Togl2.0 is built against 8.4.  Even my mileage may vary.  I'm sharing this because it may help someone, or someone may be able to point out problems with it.