would it be possible to write a tool which automatically converts ctype wrappers to pyrex? wouldn't that be nice?

i am no computer scientist though and maybe this is a stupid idea which isn't feasible. :)

On 3/15/07, Thomas Heller <theller@ctypes.org> wrote:
Greg Ewing schrieb:
> Mike C. Fletcher wrote:
>> Actually, ctypes is quite slow compared to e.g. SWIG.  That's because it
>> does a lot more work at run-time for every call than a SWIG or similar
>> system does.  OpenGL-ctypes (PyOpenGL) is even slower because it has to
>> provide the array and similar semantics that aren't available in ctypes'
>> core.
> This is a little worrying, as OpenGL calls are something you
> really don't want being inefficient. I'm hoping this is more
> of a theoretical than practical concern. Has anyone done any
> measurements?

Andrew Dalke as written two nice articles about ctypes that I know of:


The latter has some comparisons between ctypes and a C-coded


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