In a 2D application using pyOpenGL where I am not using Depth, there are couple of weired things happenings:

When using some off-screen co-ordinates with glRasterPos2f, say my view port is 640x480 where top left is (0,0) and if I am passing (-10,-10) to
glRasterPos2f then text goes off even though text is long enough to still appear on screen.

When using feedbackBuffer and draw something that is off-screen then I am not getting the results. For example If I am drawing some glPoint where coordinates are inside the viewport area then feedBackBuffer is giving me results other wise I am not able to get the proper results. How can I solve this? Why I need this is because the application is basically a flow chart network where user can connect node's paramaters using curves to show the connections between them. It may possible when using panning, some nodes goes off-screen but still there connection are with some nodes on screen and I am not able to get the positional data of nodes that are off screen.

Best regards.

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