Thank you for your kind reply and patch file. It works well for me.

That's my pleasure to offer my test procedure to be included in PyODE's readme files. I have few experience in writing guidances or instructions, though, and English is not my first language, So please feel free to change or to modify my writing to fit the quality of the readme files.

Best Regards,


On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 1:00 AM, <alex@cimr.pub.ro> wrote:
Hello and welcome to PyODE :)

I also had the same problems with the tutorials. In the attachment you will find
my changes
for transforms.py and vehicle.py.

My system: Ubuntu Karmic (Py2.6) and Windows XP (Py2.5). On XP, the samples run
fine without glutInit.
On Ubuntu, they fail with the error you described on your blog.

I think glutInit should be called somewhere at the beginning of the program,
after opening an OpenGL window.
This is right after pygame.display.set_mode(...)

The other change was glColor3; this function is not present on my systems. I
just replaced it with glColor3f.

Please let me know if the attached patch works for you.

Also, your step-by-step install instructions are nice, can we include them in
PyODE's readme files?

However, the version from Ubuntu repos may be old. A solution would be to update
the PyPi index,
in order to let the users get the latest PyODE with 'easy_install pyode' or 'pip
install pyode'.

Ethan, what do you think?

I will also ask Ethan to commit the attached patch.


> Hello,
> This is my first time to subscribe to and post to a mailing list. In case I
> did something not suitable, correct me please.
> I found PyODE last week, then tried to install and tested with it. With no
> much efforts I installed all the necessary libraries and packages in my
> Ubuntu 8.04, and ran the example codes named Tutorial 1, 2, and 3
> successfully. When I tried to test the transforms.py, some problems emerged.
> After installing necessary libraries and packages, I found I have to
> modified some part of the original transforms.py to make it run in my
> system. The modifications are the following:
> - from cgtypes import *
> + from cgkit.cgtypes import *
> +       glutInit()
>         glutSolidCube(1)
> My system is Ubuntu 8.04 with Python 2.5.2.
> I am not sure why the original example code cannot run on my system, but I
> think maybe I should post my testing experience to you. If you have any
> corrections or suggestions on my test, please let me know. Thank you.
> (FYI, I have written down my test procedures in my blog:
> http://hiankun.blogspot.com/2010/05/py-pyode-installation-and-test.html )
> Best Regards,
> Hiankun
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