On 12/25/2010 02:27 AM, Moster Manokhatipaisarn wrote:
My code as follow:

join = ode.FixedJoint(self.visualWorld.odeworld)
join.attach(self.vObjList[0].body, obj.body)

However, I want to translate the fixedjoint position.
I try to translate but the result is not make sense.

It would be better if I can detach this joint, translate it and attach again.
But I don't know how to detach this joint

I'm not sure I understand your question. You want to have two objects fixed together, but periodically change their positions?

ODE does not provide a function to detach joints. Since FixedJoints don't have any state, you could probably destroy the joint, move the bodies, and create another one. However, be aware that the manual says:

"Using this joint is almost never a good idea in practice, except when debugging. If you need two bodies to be glued together it is better to represent that as a single body."

Hope this helps.