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Git Log

Commit Date  
[991c6d] by mbaas mbaas

Added the license files from ODE

2004-11-09 22:16:56 Tree
[09db1f] by mbaas mbaas

Added doc strings and methods to get/set the fdir1 parameter.

2004-10-28 09:39:16 Tree
[b13ef7] by perspex perspex

- Added a new example to demonstrate the simulation of a vehicle.
- Added the wrapper ode.areConnected() for dAreConnected().
- Added support for the <mass><box/></mass> in the XODE parser.

2004-10-23 12:47:51 Tree
[86d9c5] by perspex perspex

Added remaining joint types to the XODE parser.

2004-09-06 05:56:55 Tree
[7395c1] by mbaas mbaas

Added joint doc strings and a few new methods

2004-08-31 22:18:32 Tree
[de3a02] by perspex perspex

Fixed the XODE parser to work with the new Space classes and added a mechanism to allow the default Space class to be chosen.

2004-08-09 13:16:48 Tree
[95ba4e] by mbaas mbaas

Split the Space class into 3 separate classes: SimpleSpace, HashSpace and QuadTreeSpace that each derive from SpaceBase. To remain backwards compatible there's a factory function called Space() that returns an appropriate space object.

2004-08-05 20:42:45 Tree
[cedccf] by mbaas mbaas

1) The Space class is now derived from GeomObject (as a Space is meanwhile considered to be a geom object in ODE). 2) Added some missing Space methods.

2004-08-03 07:19:13 Tree
[fbf3d2] by mbaas mbaas

Moved the geom base out of geoms.pyx into its own file geomobject.pyx so that the Space class can also use it as base class.

2004-08-03 07:17:25 Tree
[bfdee9] by perspex perspex

- Added support for TriMesh to the XODE parser.
- Changed TriMeshData.build to use dGeomTriMeshDataBuildSimple instead of dGeomTriMeshBuildSingle1.

2004-08-01 16:47:36 Tree
[43d5ab] by mbaas mbaas

Added some more missing methods and doc strings.

2004-07-31 12:27:27 Tree
[397b5d] by mbaas mbaas

Forgot to save the files...ahem... (which contained a little bit of additional comments)

2004-07-29 20:57:38 Tree
[8c10e4] by mbaas mbaas

Trimesh support can now be disabled in the setup script by setting TRIMESH_SUPPORT to False.

2004-07-29 20:17:12 Tree
[bf0fb8] by mbaas mbaas

Check if ODE_BASE exists and don't scan the user-settings file anymore. This requires Pyrex 0.9.3 now.

2004-07-29 14:59:18 Tree
[02a11b] by mbaas mbaas

Installation instructions for the new Pyrex version

2004-07-29 09:48:01 Tree
[8e8d38] by perspex perspex

Fixed bug where Geoms were already inserted into a space before encapsulating in a GeomTransform.

2004-07-28 18:38:10 Tree
[9b085c] by mbaas mbaas

Doc string updates

2004-07-28 16:03:09 Tree
[f85584] by mbaas mbaas

Check the geom argument to setGeom()

2004-07-28 07:27:09 Tree
[e5d94f] by mbaas mbaas

Added setInfo()/getInfo() and a few doc strings to the GeomTransform class

2004-07-27 15:19:03 Tree
[b7bd73] by perspex perspex

Changed dGeomTriMeshDataBuildSingle to dGeomTriMeshDataBuildSingle1.

2004-07-24 11:53:38 Tree
[605342] by mbaas mbaas

Initial trimesh support

2004-07-19 15:02:05 Tree
[b34728] by mbaas mbaas

Add most trimesh declarations

2004-07-19 14:57:40 Tree
[f4cfdc] by mbaas mbaas

Increased maximum number of contact points

2004-07-19 14:56:42 Tree
[274843] by perspex perspex

* Added Geom parser.
* Fixed some mistakes in transform.py.
* Moved exception classes from parser.py to errors.py.
* Added the xml encoding attribute to the XODE document in tutorial2.py
* Added an example to demonstrate XODE's transform features.
* Added Geom tests to test_xode.py.

2004-07-16 11:45:17 Tree
[cc7dee] by mbaas mbaas

Doc strings updates. New method getAABB() to return the bounding box. New method placeable() that returns whether a geom is placeable or not. This is used for improved error checks (e.g. calling setPosition() on non-placeable geoms resulted in a crash).

2004-07-13 16:44:18 Tree
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