After a grueling Saturday coding session, I have finally placed the last puzzle piece for wrapping the DarwiinRemote WiiRemote.framework.
You can see the resulting code at
(check out for the informal_protocol)

I want to mention that I think this fix should be documented, as I could find NO example anywhere in the docs or on any blog on the internet. The main hang up was wrapping an interface method for the WiiRemoteDelegate:
- (void) rawIRData: (IRData[4]) irData;
Where the IRData is a struct defined as:
typedef struct {
int x, y, s;
} IRData;
with IRData defined in python like:
IRData = objc.createStructType("IRData", "iii", ["x", "y", "s"])

So our python function needs to accept an array of 4 IRData structs. The signature for this needs to be:

Which we define in the informal_protocol (or with python 2.4/2.5 using @objc.selector(...) )
The problem is, nowhere is it documented that "n^" is necessary. I figured it out by dumb luck and a slightly intuitive (but probably wrong) feeling about arrays being pointers in C (true in objective-c?)
This page gave me good info:
but little did I know what a "method encoding" was. I guess "n" means this object is given as input.

I'm only guessing, but if I were trying to wrap a function that returned an array (which you can't do, just like C, I guess you would get a pointer?) you would have to use "o^"?

I know part of this is my fault for being new to Objective-C and having a shallow understanding of C, but I'm not the only one who could have been served by one example of wrapping a function that has a complex data type. I hope this helps others who might have wrestled with this!

I want to extend a BIG thanks to the pyobjc team for letting me stay in python paradise when making apps on the mac :)

Ian Johnson

Ignorance is Piss.