I'm a developer with 10+ of experience in developing with Delphi, .NET, Python, FoxPro and other small langauges. I have 2 years working in the windows mobile plataform and with the release of the iphone sdk I wish port my actual solution (for take orders) to iphone.

Despite I understan the c-derivates languages and looking at Objc-c is not that bad as C++, as you can see on my language list I prefer run away anything that smell as C ;)

I know pyObjc is already ported to iPhone. Let's imagine that the Apple licence restriction allow to use python here.... how good can be use pyObjc instead of go native?

I don't need a explanation on how great is python, I know. I wonder about:

- I can acces the specific abilities of iphone as the contact, photos, accelerometer & seudo-gps?
- Is a nightmare the deployment or is a pice of cake? The end-user need install complex unix-like things, install outside the python interpreter, mess with the iphone configuration or jailbreak it?
- I lost the debugging & tracing or is full suported?

I don't mind do hard work to setup the system for development as long for the end-user is transparent when deployed.

Mario A.Montoya

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