Hello. I am building a PyObjC/SQLObjects application. But when I want to use bindings and the result object from SQLObject, PyObjC is unable to convert it into the proper format. What am I doing wrong here?



I have an NSTableView bound to an NSArrayController bound to the object OrderList with collums name, date, status.

def OrderList(self):
    return Order.select()

ValueError: NSInvalidArgumentException - <sqlobject.main.SelectResults object at 0x1057c30> does not recognize -isKindOfClass

def OrderList(self):
    return list(Order.select())

2005-05-22 00:47:53.154 Diko[1785] *** Ignoring *** addObserver:forKeyPath:options:context: for 'name' (of <NSTableBinder: 0x1196b40>{object: <NSTableView: 0x1156d40>, bindings: content=arrangedObjects, selectionIndexes=selectionIndexes, sortDescriptors=sortDescriptors} with 0 in 0x0).

KeyError: u'Key name does not exist'

def OrderList(self):
    return dict(Order.select())

TypeError: cannot convert dictionary update sequence element #0 to a sequence