Great suggestion for a starting point to get more familiar with the QTMovie class. The items I asked about are actually not covered on that page I'm secretly hoping they are used to get around the use of the metadata API.

Regarding the valid Types, I think they *may* be referring to this:


A data type from the following list:

kQTMetaDataTypeBinary               = 0,
kQTMetaDataTypeUTF8                 = 1,
kQTMetaDataTypeUTF16BE              = 2,
kQTMetaDataTypeMacEncodedText       = 3,
kQTMetaDataTypeSignedIntegerBE      = 21,
kQTMetaDataTypeUnsignedIntegerBE    = 22,
kQTMetaDataTypeFloat32BE            = 23,
kQTMetaDataTypeFloat64BE            = 24


Thank you for the help.


On Jan 16, 2010, at 3:42 PM, Orestis Markou wrote:

Doing a 'help(QTKit.QTmovie)' I found several methods that appear to be promising:

addUserData_ofType_()  #<--- what are valid 'Types'?



Can anyone shed light on the proper way to use these methods? 

Your best bet is to have a look at the QTMovie class reference:

It's a complicated beast, that's for sure.