So, a few weeks ago I ported PyObjC to the iPhone, and I'm realizing that I should be doing a better job of telling people how to get it ;P. I don't know if anyone is even interested in this, but I have written a little article about it on my website ( Most of it is for iPhone developers who want to get started with PyObjC, but it also explains how to get it and provides a link to some example iPhone application code.
(The short version of getting it is to add as an Installer source, install Cydia Packger, and then install iPhone/Python from the Python category.)
I had to bypass the build environment (as I didn't see how to make it do cross compilation in any easy way) and I made a bunch of modifications to the iPhone assembler to support libffi almost entirely out of the box (I also ported Java a few months ago, which needed this for a setup I built that's similar to PyObjC called JocStrap), but otherwise PyObjC pretty much worked. The changes and build scripts can be found at the Telesphoreo project:
(Sorry about the massive single-file .diff, when I was working on that I was sufficiently in a rush as to not spend the time to break it into a couple patches for the couple things I changed.)
Jay Freeman (saurik)