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Another feature that I find myself always wanting is a "kill script" button and/or command.  This comes in handy when I am testing a new python script and, accidentally, throw in an infinite loop.  It would be nice to have some sort of kill switch not only for python scripts but even for something as simple as ray-tracing.  There are times when I am ray-tracing a complicated scene and realize that half-way through the ray-tracing process that something was missing.  In that case, I normally have to kill PyMOL and start all over again (and hopefully, I'll have the scene/session saved).  Having this function would greatly enhance my productivity.

You should see a button labeled "Abort" at the bottom right of the external GUI window. You can click it to stop the ray tracer. It used to only work if you started the ray tracer by clicking the "Ray" button in that same window, but it appears to work no matter how you start the ray tracer now (1.2r2).





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